Simply Neville Longbottom fell victim to that particular prank

Simply Neville Longbottom fell victim to that particular prank

Whenever Harry requested Luna Lovegood to go to Professor Slughorn’s group, Peeves known and you can come vocal a track of his or her own structure describing the difficulty. [35]

Immediately following the Apparition instructions, Peeves bbwdatefinder blocked a doorway on Gryffindor Common-room, and you can would not help some body citation except if they put fire to their own jeans. [36]

Through the 1996, whenever Harry Potter is actually admitted into the medical side shortly after distress a reduced head whenever Cormac McLaggen strike him which have an excellent bludger, Harry summoned Kreacher having your tail Draco Malfoy inside the castle. Kreacher apparated indeed there plus Dobby, with exactly who he was attacking once Kreacher insulted Harry Potter. An additional after Peeves apparated, stating that he had been watching the fight. Following Peeves egged him or her towards verbally, then tossed chalk within them to enrage them subsequent. The guy merely remaining whenever Harry used Langlock to adhesive Peeves’ tongue into the rooftop from his mouth. [3]

Into the April 1997, just after gonna new burial away from Aragog and receiving an essential memories from Horace Slughorn, Harry Potter you certainly will feel the ramifications of Felix Felicis wearing out-of when he escaped back once again to new castle. The guy found Peeves but was able to escape detection if you take a good shortcut. [37] It’s unknown if the Peeves went to Dumbledore’s funeral service.

Battle from Hogwarts

Into the Race from Hogwarts when you look at the 1998, Filch (albeit forcibly and just shortly after he was persuaded of the Minerva McGonagall) acceptance Peeves to take part in the new defence of one’s palace. Even with his a lot of time industry regarding mischief and you may skip to own college bodies, Peeves flower valiantly towards celebration, willingly signing up for from the efforts to guard Hogwarts. [38] When Death Eaters broken the school itself, Peeves sowed in pretty bad shape in their ranking by swooping more than the thoughts, shedding Snargaluff pods on them as he ran. The guy did nothing to bother or distract this new defenders regarding Hogwarts, his common targets for as long as he’d lived on the school. [7] Following the race, he flew within survivors, vocal a profit track. [39]


Rather than the brand new daunting most of their ghostly acquaintances, Peeves had a physical form, even if he was in a position to getting invisible on commonly. [15]

Peeves looked like a small child which have wickedly slanted, tangerine eyes, putting on noisy, outlandish clothing along with an excellent bell-secure hat and you may a lime bow link. He previously black colored hair and you may versus Hogwarts spirits, he was solid-looking, maybe not pearly white and you may transparent. [25] He was able to flight and you may intangibility, such as for example a good ghost, but can plus connect with strong things and work out himself invisible. Instead of the new spirits, he is impacted by wonders, because the Harry put Langlock so you can quiet him. [3]

Identification and you can qualities

Peeves is actually a lot more of a disorderly heart in place of an actual are, however, highly unlike additional college or university ghosts. Peeves are basically an embodiment off diseases and you will got great fulfillment during the usually resulting in they. [15] [5] [6] On occasion, Peeves is legally harmful. Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch waged a stable combat which have Peeves, and you will time after time questioned the new poltergeist be dumped away from the school.

Peeves further enraged and you will annoyed the Hogwarts area by joining in the which have any kind of current gossip is releasing certainly youngsters. Whenever Harry Potter is suspected of being the brand new “Heir off Slytherin” for the 1992, Peeves taunted him regarding hallways having “speaking inside tongues.” [19] When the people was in fact late so you can classification, he would, on top of other things, miss wastepaper containers to their brains, pelt these with chalk, otherwise eliminate brand new carpets out from around him or her. The fresh worst case in it your creeping up hidden, grabbing the individual’s nose and you can screaming “Had The CONK!”. [5]

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